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Joanne Hillis: Professional Coach with Skate Canada since 1990, over 25 years with HSC, Provides Private lessons at all levels.
Qualifications: Primary Starskate certified, Level 1 Certified in Theory, Technical, Practical, Certified Oct -1992 Level 2 in Theory: General/Tech. John’s First Aid, and Back Check completed
Skating Qualifications: Sir Bronze, Free Skate, Gold Dance Test, Skating Skill Class3, Adult Artistic A Test-Singles, Fifth Figure and ½ Sixth Figures.
Fun Fact: Joined HSC as a 5 year old and has never left! Daughter Kyla has had a successful gold level skating career with HSC as well. Son Josh plays travel hockey with the Hespeler Minor Hockey, Hespeler family through and through!!!!
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Kim Yzerman: Professionally coaching for 18 years with HSC.
Coaching Qualification: Level 2 - Sport Science, Skills, Stroking trained,
NCCP Level 1 Certified, St John’s First Aid & CPR
Qualification:Gold Skills, Gold Dances, Junior Silver Free Skate and 5th Figure
Fun Fact: Trained with the Champion Training Centre for 13 years and competed at the WO sectional level. Has a background in jazz, tap, ballet and gymnastics. Works with the WRDSB as an Educational Assistant and has 13 years of experience assisting children with special needs.
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Deb Montgomery: Professional Coach since 2001 with Skate Canada.
Coaching Qualification: NCCP Level 1 Certified, Level 2 Trained, and St John’s First Aid
Qualification: Jr Silver Free skate, Gold Dance, Gold Skill, Adult Artistic Free Skate-Singles
Fun Fact: Currently still skating and competing as an adult skater. Received Coach of the Year Award in 2003.
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Jill Dunk: Coaching for 9 years
Coaching Qualification: Can-skate Coach 2003, Can-power Coach Certified, Primary Trained –Waiting for Marks on Video
Qualification: Can-Skate, Can-Power
Fun Fact: Skated in Acton, Done Competitive skating Dance and Intrepretive. Next Goal is to obtain Special Olympics Certification
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Jill Strome: Coaching for 13 years all with HSC.
Coaching Qualification: Level 2
Qualification: Gold Dance, Seventh Figure, Sr. Silver Free-skate (elements), Jr Silver Free-skate (program), Honorary member of HCS since 1987
Fun Fact: Skated professionally with Disney on Ice for 4 years. Skated in over 15 countries around the world
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Grace Hefley:
Coaching Qualification: Skate Canada Canskate Course completed August 2012
Qualification:Junior Bronze freeskate, Senior Silver Dance, Gold Interpretive, Gold Skating Skills
Fun Fact: Skater with the Hespeler Skating Club for 14 years, under coach Nancy Stewart. 2012 Canadian Champion NEXXICE Intermediate Synchronized Skating Team member. Current NEXXICE Intermediate team member. University of Guelph graduate.
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Brittany Deschamps:
Coaching Qualification: Skate Canada Canskate Level
Qualification: Junior Bronze Freeskate, Junior silver skating skills, Silver Interpretive and Gold dances.
Fun Fact: I have been skating with the Hespeler skating club for 23 years now and i have been coaching for 4 years. This past summer I got married at centre ice at Hespeler arena!

HSC Coach
Sandy Fullerton: Professional Coach with Skate Canada for over 30 years.
Coaching Qualification: Certified Level 2, Level 3 Dance, Special Olympics Certified, Red Cross First Aid Certified, Graduate of the NCCP Diploma Program at Seneca College.
Qualification: Gold Freeskate, Gold Dance, Variation Dance, 7th Figure.
Fun Fact: I trained at The Unionville Skating Club. I competed as a single skater and as part of their synchro team. I was Head Coach of a Special Olympics skating program for 10 years.

HSC Coach
Michael Farrington:
Coaching Qualification: NCCP level 3 certified in free skate & international coach in both singles and dance.
Qualification: Coaching since 1990 and has coached locally as well as BC, NS, Virginia and Kuwait. I was a national team member for 11 years and competed in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary.
Fun Fact: I was a torch bearer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

HSC Coach
Keanna MacDonald:
Coaching Qualification: Skate Canada Can-Skate Certified Coach.
Qualification: Completed Gold Dances, Gold Skills, and Gold Interpretive.
Fun Fact: I have been skating since I was 3 years old with my mom who is also a Skate Canada coach! I Currently am in my last year of Mechanical engineering at the University of Guelph.

HSC Coach
Stephanie Hutt-Taylor:
Coaching Qualification: Professional SkateCanada CanSkate Certified Coach. Certified Personal Trainer. NCCP Level 1 & 2 Certified for Multi-Sport. Bachelor of Honours in Kinesiology. Master’s of Science in Exercise Sciences.
Qualification: Sr. Silver Dances and Gold Skating Skills. Sr. Bronze Freeskate (Part 1 & 2).
Fun Fact: I learned how to skate at HSC when I was three years old. Fell in love with the sport of skating and competed/trained as a figure skater for various clubs including the U of T team. Now, I’m happy to be back where it all began.

Assistant Coach:
Kyla Hillis

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